The Fastest Way to Recover Gmail Password

Today we will show you how to recover the password of your Gmail account, in case you forgot it.

The Gmail password is also the password in your Google account, and it’s used for many other services like Google Drive, Google Photos, Google Play, and other Android mobile applications, etc.

Recover Forgot Gmail Password

How to Recover Gmail Password

If you enter your password multiple times and still can’t sign in to your Gmail account, you will frustrating when you aren’t using your own email.

Fortunately, there are several methods for recovering passwords, although not all are usable, depending on your account configuration when creating your account.

First of all, do not panic. The account is yours and therefore you should be able to recover it, with more or less effort.

Before dropping it to create a new Gmail account, try the following methods.

All the ways start from the same starting point, click on Forgot your password?, after typing the wrong password.

Step 1: You access the following link: Type your email then click Next.

Type your email or phone

Step 2: Select Forgot Password.

Select Forgot password

Recover by typing the last password

Sometimes you may have changed your password and you do not remember what you have set. Or the account you have long been unused so you forget the password.

The first thing required to recover a password is to enter the last password you remember.

This first step really does not solve anything besides providing more information to Google about whether or not you really are an account holder.

Recover with your Android mobile

If you have an Android phone, the device you used to create this gmail account, you can use it to verify your account.

This is the second way to recover your account password.

Click Yes and you will receive a mobile window asking if it’s you trying to sign in.

On your mobile phone, you must answer Yes to confirm your identity on the computer and then you can choose a new password.

In some cases, you will be asked certain questions on your mobile phone to verify that it is you.

Recovery via SMS or Call Phone

If the previous option IS NOT available (For example: you registered your account with a landline number, you use a mobile phone that IS NOT Android phone) you can still use your phone number to confirm your identity.

In this case, you can receive the verification code via an SMS or a CALL.

In both methods of receiving the verification code, the results are the same: you will receive a code that you must type in the form.

If you choose SMS you will receive it by SMS and if you select a call it will call you from an automated system, then it will read the code for you.

Enter the code, click Next and you can change the password.

Recover with Alternative email

If you DO NOT set up a phone number when signing up for that Gmail account, you can still recover your account using alternative email.

This is an email address that you chose when you created your account, it is used for the current instance.

If you have an alternative email, press Next to receive the code that will allow you to verify that it is you.

As in previous methods, you will receive a verification code sent to your alternate email address.
When you have the code, enter it on the form and you can change your password.

Recover with security question

If the above does not help you recover the password, the problem is NOT GOOD.

However, you have another way that is to use security questions. When signing up for your account, you may have selected a security question and your answer.

If you remember it, type it and click Next.

Then, you must add additional information before proceeding.

The security question are not enough for you to recover your password because someone who knows you can guess it. So, after clicking Next, you also have to add the date you created your account (including month and year).

On my own, this is a very difficult question, so try to remember it and type it on the form.

Good luck!

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