How to Change Your Gmail Password Fastest

You can change your Gmail password for security reasons. Your Google Account password is used to access many Google products, like Gmail and YouTube.

You should change your gmail password regularly, so that you don’t expose your password to others.

Steps to Change Gmail Password

STEP 1. To change the gmail password you can quickly access the link:

Or login to Gmail inbox, in the top right, click your photo. Click “My Account“.

STEP 2. Under category “Sign-in & security”, you click on Signing in to Google.

STEP 3. Choose Password. To secure your account, Google will ask you to sign in again, type your password and select NEXT.

STEP 4. Type your new password and type Confirm new password, then select Change Password.

With just a few steps you can change your Gmail password. If you CAN NOT do that, leave a comment in the box below, we will help you.

Note: Passwords should contain numbersletterscapital letters, and special characters. Avoid simple passwords such as: Full namedate of birthphone number, …

By changing your password regularly, you will protect your information in the safest way.

Also, you can refer to the article how to recover gmail password in case of forget.

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  1. piphyo says:

    my account is something hacked’ please give back to me

  2. Adebayo Sunday says:

    Lost phone

  3. Swarup says:

    Password missing

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