Change the Fastest Gmail Display Name

How to change the display name in Gmail. If you want to change your current Gmail account name, see instructions bellow.

For some reason you want to change the display name on the outgoing mail from Gmail (Gmail name), see the rename instructions below.

Option 1: Rename your own Gmail

Step 1. You access the following link:

Step 2. Click the Edit Info line.

Step 3. Click on the circle below Name you are using as shown below and enter your new Gmail name in the box next to it. Then click Save Changes.

So you’ve changed the display name on the message you sent from Gmail.

Option 2: Rename all your Google account

Step 1. Visit your Google Plus at the following link:

Step 2. Click on Edit icon to edit profile.

Step 3. Enter the new Google Account (Gmail) name you want to change. Preview how the New Gmail Name appears in the Display My Name section :. Click on the OK button.

Step 4. Rename confirmation window shows up, press Rename button to confirm.

Note: Google Accounts, as well as Facebook accounts, will limit the number of rename times, so if you follow the second way then you should rename in a limited way.

Good luck!!!

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